Student Remote Access


Undergraduate and Graduate Students can use for their remote access needs. 

The available applications on MyVLab are listed on the MyVLab site and also include Stata for students in Social Science courses where Stata is required.

Access your H: Drive

When you are working on MyVLab, you will have an H: drive that is your own personal storage area specific to MyVLab.  Social Science Graduate students will have access to their Social Science H: drive, but it will be connected to U:. It is the same as the H: drive that you have access to when you are working on any computer on the SSC Network.  That means that if you saved files on U: while working on MyVLab, you will be able to access those files on H: when you are working in SSC 6300.

Access Shared Project Folders on P:

As noted above you will have an H: drive on that system that is only accessible on MyVLab and in the WTS Genlabs. Below are the steps to create a batch file to connect to the research folder drive.

  • Click on the My Documents icon on the desktop to access the H: drive.
  • Use Notepad to create a file that and call it ConnectP.bat.
  • Add the following two lines to that file:
         net use P: /d
         net use P: \\ssc-venus.uwo.pri\sscprojects$
  • Note that there is a space after P: in both lines.
  • Login to MyVLab
  • Click on the My Documents icon on the desktop to access your H: drive.
  • Double-click on the file H:\ConnectP.bat and the P: drive will be connected.
  • You will see the folder you have access to in the P: drive.