Policies and Rates

Policies for SSC Network Access

SSC Network users are subject to the SSTS Conditions of Use, shown below, and the UWO Code of Behaviour for use of Computing Resources policies.

Conditions of Use

SSTS's computing resources have been acquired, and are allocated to groups and individuals for specific academic purposes. In particular, any of the following is considered to be illegal:

  • To share, give, sell, or otherwise provide computing resources, supplies or services to any other individual or group.
  • To inspect, alter, delete, publish, or otherwise tamper with files that you are not authorized to access.
  • To engage in any action which denies or restricts the use of computing facilities to other authorized users of those facilities.
  • To copy any proprietary software by any means.
  • To install personal software on the computers in public computer labs.

Failure to adhere to these stipulations will result in immediate termination of your account.

Food and Drink Policy


Only lidded beverages are permitted in any of the computing rooms.  No food is allowed. This is to minimize the health risks associated with high use work areas that cannot be cleaned between uses, and to protect the equipment. We request that you leave your work area tidy, and report any spills as soon as possible.  Students are encouraged to leave the facilities and wash their hands prior to eating.

Food and Drink Areas

Lounge areas (available 24/7) and tables near the Social Science Encounters eatery may also be used.

Room Reservations

Room booking
Room (A) UWO Rates
(non-Social Science departments, faculties and affiliates for course related teaching)
(B) Conference Rates
(outside organizations – subject to GST)
Room 1020 $40 per hour

$80 per ½ day (9-12 or 1-5, 3 hours)

$160 per full day
$60 per hour

$160 per ½ day (9-12 or 1-5, 3 hours)

$320 per full day
Room 1014 & 1014B These Student Group Project rooms can be reserved by Social Science students using our online booking system.

If you would like to reserve SSC 1020, please go to SSC 1228 or call 519-661-2152 or extension 82152 to make inquiries.

There is no charge if your course is in the Faculty of Social Science.  We encourage you to book regular classes in the WTS Genlabs.

See above for policies on food and drink.

Service Rates

Please contact us to discuss your research needs at extension 82152 or submit a Service Desk Request.  We will assess your needs and provide an estimate.

Service rates
Service Description Rates
Poster Printing Large format colour printer, 44 inches wide $5.50 per square foot
Scantron Scanning Exams for affiliate colleges where faculty, staff or students are members of Social Science; surveys and other $15 for first 250 sheets
6¢/sheet for 251 to 1000 sheets
Technical Services Computer and networking hardware, custom fabrication, cabling and electronics troubleshooting for Research funded projects $45.00 per hour
Web Setup Hosting setup and security for research-related sites with unique URLs; no charge for future maintenance and support $65 Flat Fee