Student Group Project Rooms SSC1014 and SSC1014B will be closed from May 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024.

Western Identity

Your Western Identity is assigned to you upon application to Western as a student. More info is available on the WTS Website. You must first have a Western Identity (username and password) in order to get access to the SSC Network.


SSC Network Access

Who is Eligible for Access?
Students currently registered in the Faculty of Social Science (Main Campus), or currently registered in a Social Science course (Main Campus) for which the instructor requests SSC Network class access. Class access terminates at the completion of a course. More...


Why can't I log on?

If you are a Social Science student and are having trouble logging onto the SSC Network, the first step is to synchronize your password using the Western Identity Manager.  Please read this guide on how to use the Western Identity Manager for more information.  If you are still having problems after synchronizing your password, please visit the office in Social Science Centre, Room 1228.

What are Genlabs?

Genlabs are General Student Computing Labs maintained and managed by Western Technology Services (WTS) and are for general University use.  The labs may be used by any Western student provided they are not reserved for classes.

Please see more information about Genlabs and their availability on the WTS Genlabs webpage.

Where can I print?

Information regarding printing for Social Science students can be found on the Printing Information webpage.

Where can Social Science students work?

All social science students can work in SSC Room 1020 which contains 13 high-speed Microsoft Windows computers, colour and black & white laser printing, a scanning station, and a multimedia instructor's station connected to a ceiling projector.

Graduate students have access to SSC Room 6300 and 1038 which have high-speed Microsoft Windows computers, and a Toshiba Network Copier/Scanner/Printer (6300 only), controlled by Papercut print release software.  See our printing page for more information.  

SSC Rooms 1014 and 1014b are two schedulable student meeting rooms for Faculty of Social Science course-related group project work. Drop-in use of these rooms is welcome, but reservations do take priority. These rooms are available for reservation on the Student Group Project Room Booking page which you can access using your Western username and password.

For more detailed information about rooms, please see Teaching and Computing Rooms.

How do I access the wireless network?

Information on connecting to the UWOsecure-v2 Western Wireless Network is available on the Wireless How Do I... page.

What software can I get for my own computer?

There are several software applications that you can get at either no cost to you or for a reasonable annual fee. See our Software for Students page.

I lost my USB Flash drive

If you leave proper identification on your USB Flash drive there is a greater chance of having it returned to you. Save a text file on your stick with your name, email and phone number called something like ContactInfo.txt and we will contact you if it is brought to us. Lost and found from rooms 1014, 1014B, 1020 and 1038 is brought to SSC 1228.