Web Surveys with Qualtrics

Faculty of Social Science faculty and students can collect research data online using the Qualtrics Research Suite. The Research Suite is a powerful solution for setting up online surveys.  It supports several types of multiple choice questions, employs display logic, skip logic, and has many other useful features.  If you would like a Qualtrics account, you must be a member of the Faculty of Social Science.  Please complete an application online. If you already have one, you can log onto it at westernsocialscience.qualtrics.com.

This method of data collection has many advantages over the traditional approach of mailing paper forms out to potential respondents. The advantages include:

  • The entire process from data collection to data analysis is seamless. Data is collected and stored centrally thus there is no lag time between data collection and data analysis.
  • Faster turnaround as hundreds of respondents can fill out the form and submit it immediately.
  • Data integrity can be insured because responses can be validated before they are recorded.
  • Data reliability is increased because the data is entered by the respondent rather than processed by the researcher.
  • Cost is reduced through the elimination of postage and paper forms.

In addition, Social Science pays for a subscription to the Qualtrics Research Suite so you do not have to pay additional funds for other online survey software.

To learn how to use Qualtrics, try their Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps training. You will also find a 5 minute basic training video there that will help you get started quickly.