Hardware Support

Social Science Technology Services (SSTS) provides a wide range of hardware services to Social Science faculty, staff and departments. The following sections provide a description of our primary hardware related services. Contact SSTS for questions relating to network connections or for hardware support in the Faculty of Social Science.

Hardware Selection

We work closely with hardware suppliers and can recommend the best and most cost-effective solutions for hardware acquisitions, whether for personal use at home or in the office, student labs, research specific applications, or custom configurations.  For more information, see New Hardware Purchases.

Hardware Repair

Our technical staff can diagnose and repair most common hardware problems.  We will follow-up with the original hardware vendor for warranty coverage, or obtain and install replacement parts on a time and materials basis according to our service rates.   

Equipment Hosting

SSTS can host your computing equipment in our specially air-conditioned machine room located on the first floor of the Social Science Centre. This is an ideal place to keep your computer if you are leaving town while on sabbatical and wish to access it through Remote Desktop. Our machine room is secured through the use of CHUBB security systems, surveillance cameras and physical containment.  Access to hosted systems is provided via remote access.  Physical access can be arranged by appointment only. Currently, there is no charge for equipment hosting to members of the Faculty of Social Science, with the exception of additional equipment such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Miscellaneous Hardware Resources

In addition to the resources listed above, SSTS technical staff will assist Social Science departments, faculty and staff in the following areas:

  • Obtaining a network connection
  • Physical security cabling and electronic security systems
  • Room renovations and planning
  • Disposal of old computing equipment
  • Evaluation of equipment