Poster Printing & Graphics

Large Format Poster Printing

Poster Printing

We have a large format colour printer in Room 1226 Social Science Centre. If any Social Science Faculty, Staff or Graduate student has a poster that needs printing, we ask that you contact us at Generally, we accept files in PDF or PowerPoint format, or both. Please check with us if you need to submit your file in another format. Files can be emailed, or shared via OneDrive (please contact us first). Posters are usually printed the same day or next day depending on volume.

  • Poster printing is for Faculty of Social Science Only (including BMI and AFAR)
  • Maximum dimensions are 44” X 100’
  • Semi-Matte Professional Photo Paper and Archival Ink
  • Cost is $6.00 per square foot (length X width in inches, divide by 144 then multiply by $6.00 = cost)
  • Payment is by UWO speedcode (email from grant holder required), or cash. ( NO cheques, debit or credit cards ).

Contact Information

Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Weekdays (Closed Weekends and Holidays)

Room: SSC 1226

Posters for Undergraduate Courses

  • Only undergraduate students in preapproved Social Science courses can use the poster printing service.
  • Faculty of Social Science instructors, whose courses require students to submit a poster, should contact our office to make arrangements for class poster printing.
  • The Social Science Student Donation Fund supports students in preapproved courses with a discount for course related posters. Thank you to Social Science Student Donation Fund!


Assistance with graphics is available as follows:

  • Graphic design and image editing including enhancing, resizing and colour modification
  • Preparing images for the web
  • Photographic re-touching
  • Book cover creation
  • Creation and printing of custom made CD/DVD disks (limited quantities for printing)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the latest time I can submit a poster for printing?

  • Posters are printed on a first come first served basis and are printed promptly. An exact time cannot be determined as printing times will vary due to the current volume of posters that have been submitted.

What are the maximum Poster Dimensions

  • Our printer paper maximum size is 44 inches X 100 inches. One dimension (width or height) must be 44 inches or less. We can rotate the poster to accommodate printing as long as one dimension is below the 44 inch threshold.

Do you print small posters?

  • We only print large format size posters. We do not print letter, legal, tabloid or other small size prints.

How can I check a poster size?  (.pdf and Powerpoint files)

  • Pdf: Open the file in Acrobat Reader – click File (top left) – scroll down and click Properties. In the Advanced section – Page Size will be the poster size.
  • Powerpoint: Open Powerpoint (2016 version) – click Design (top left) – click Slide Size (top right) Click Custom Slide Size – your poster dimensions should be displayed.

How can I change the size of a Powerpoint slide?

  • Open Powerpoint (2016 version).  Click Design (top left). Click Slide Size (top right). Click Custom Slide Size. Enter the dimensions you require. Select the Orientation (portrait or landscape). Select Maximize or Ensure Fit.

NOTE: Changing the size of a Powerpoint slide may change the formatting of the slide contents. You may have to re-size/adjust the contents to fit the new slide size.

NOTE: The maximum dimensions for Powerpoint is 56 inches.