Desktop Support

Desktop support issues include software and hardware problems related to your office desktop or laptop computer, including printers and peripherals, for Faculty of Social Science department rooms.  We also do initial computer, laptop and printer set-ups. Some support issues are time critical and therefore must take priority but generally users will be assisted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Please contact SSTS using the contact information on the left. For more detailed information on hardware, please see Hardware Support.

What to do while You wait

While you are waiting for someone to be able to assist you, you may be able to work in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Computing Lab in SSC 6300 and 1038 or on a spare computer in your own department. In this case, it would be wise to save your active files on your Personal Storage H: drive (for faculty/staff/grad students) so they can be accessed from wherever you are working.

You are encouraged to look at our Help Documents or our Network Notices to see if the answer to your question is online. Also, most software has a Help menu, or sometimes a question mark icon (?), that you can select to find the answer to your question.

Note: Many problems are corrected by simply restarting your system.  If you suspect a virus and we can't see you right away, we recommend that you shutdown your system.

Purchasing New Computers

Please keep in mind that service for your system will be quicker if you consult us in advance of making your purchases as we recommend systems that have been tested on the Social Science Network. We have disk images on hand for these systems and have already established relationships with the vendors for obtaining parts. To initiate a purchase, please see our new hardware purchases page.


We can do basic support for Macs including drive mapping, printer connections, Microsoft software installations that are included in the Microsoft Campus License Agreement, and software updates.  While the university is committed to supporting Macs, in SSTS we are not authorized to service hardware issues with your Mac and are not able to get parts. We will do our best to assist you or direct you to where you can get service.