Network Connections

Network connectivity to the Social Science Centre Network is available to all Social Science faculty and staff. Graduate and Undergraduate students have access through various computer labs in the Faculty of Social Science. In addition to providing Internet access, a network connection enables users to access a wide range of services.  These include availability of licensed software, network printers, remote access and many other SSTS and Western services. Depending on the type of computer being networked (desktop or laptop), the type of connection (direct or wireless), and the type of user (faculty/staff or student), some service restrictions apply as outlined below.

Directly Connected Faculty and Staff Desktop Computers

Social Science faculty and staff with registered desktop computers, running Windows 7 or higher, that have a direct network connection to the SSC network become members of the SSC organizational unit.  These members have the most comprehensive and flexible access to the SSC Network. The following are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Automatic connection to personal storage (H:) and Library (L:) drives
  • Ability to install Windows software locally from the SSC Network via Add-Remove Programs
  • Automatic inclusion of the SSC Network sub-menu to the Windows start menu
  • Assertion of group policy settings that provide automatic Windows updates, software and security control, and network optimization
  • Automatic connection to authorized departmental and network printers, and departmental course and research web sites

Network Connection Policies

Although there is no charge for being connected to the SSC Network, there may be a charge for re-connecting or installing a direct connection. The charges are payable to Telecommunications and can be found in the WTS Services Document.


Students, Laptop Computers, and Wireless Connections

Graduate students with direct connections or wireless connections for their laptop or desktop computers, will have access to the internet and email through those connections and they can also access several software packages through the service offered by WTS.  As well, connections to personal drives, network printers and Social Science web sites can be achieved through a one-time setup process. Please refer to the Help Document SSC Network Services for Laptop Users for more information.

Network Infrastructure

The current network infrastructure in the Social Science Centre consists of office cabling rated at Cat 5e or higher. This provides direct connections to desktop and laptop computers at speeds of 100 megabits per second, full-duplex. The primary switches servicing the network are interconnected with optical fibre and provide high-speed access to the SSC Network switches and routers.

Wireless access points are installed throughout the Social Science Centre providing 100% coverage to all offices, classrooms and public areas. Wireless is a free service to all Western University users with valid accounts.  For more information about connecting to and using the wireless service, please refer to the Western Wireless website.


If you have any questions relating to network connections in the Social Science Centre, contact the SSTS main office.