New Hardware Purchases

If you're interested in purchasing a computer, laptop or a peripheral for your office, please complete the online form to indicate your needs. You should use the online form whether you are using your own research funding, departmental funds, or you don't know how it will be funded. We are often able to get a better price by purchasing computers in bulk. We can advise you on the types and models that we recommend and support on our network and initiate your purchase for you.

SSTS will support and service ONLY the models we recommend. There are many different manufacturers and models in the industry and we simply cannot support them all. Western has contracts with various suppliers for many commodities, including personal computers, laptops and peripherals. Suppliers and their commodities must meet certain criteria to be a preferred vendor. Equipment is tested thoroughly before Western enters into an agreement. By working with Western's preferred vendors, we know we are getting a quality product, and we have processes in place that make dealing with warranty issues straightforward.

We will be happy to help you procure the best and most suitable system for your computing needs.