Software Notices

SAS Updates

The SAS license renewal is available and the 9.4 version has been updated. More

Software for Students

For more information on how software can be accessed for students, see more.

IBM SPSS 26 Renewed

IBM SPSS 26 has been renewed and is available for installation from the Social Science Network. More

Windows 10 Update Issue

Some Windows 10 systems are not updating to the current builds and are not receiving critical security updates. More

All Notices

General Notices

We are open

We have returned with a modified schedule, including reduced staff on campus. See our modified hours.

Remote Access

See instructions for remote access to your office computer, remote access to our SSCRemote Remote Access Service, and remote access to network drives on our website.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

The first training module, called Cyber Security Essentials at Western is available on the website.

Zoom Web Conferencing

Zoom web conferencing is now available for all faculty, staff and students at Western for no additional charge. More 

All Notices