Gradescope Exams

Social Science Technology Services is urging instructors to adopt Gradescope for multiple choice and short answer exams. We anticipate that we will have our processes fully in place for the December 2021 exam period. We expect to have a scanner at the beginning of November so if you would like to do a Gradescope exam and scan with us during our development phase, please contact us. In the meantime, you can use Gradescope and scan your exams to PDF on your departmental scanner.

  • We hosted a Gradescope Workshop in June and you can view the recording of it here.
  • There is also a general Gradescope walkthrough video here.
  • There are other helpful short videos on their Get Started page.
  • You can go to their Help Center for written documentation and FAQs.
  • There is helpful information for Bubble Sheet Assignments too.
  • Here are tips for scanning your own exams.

If you are interested in using Gradescope, please go to Choose Login and School Credentials > Western University Username. You will be redirected to a Western login page to login with your Western credentials.

Gradescope with OWL

If you want to have Gradescope added to your OWL site, you should create a ticket with the WTS Helpdesk.