Gradescope Exams

Social Science Technology Services is urging instructors to adopt Gradescope for multiple choice and short answer exams.  If you are administering a Gradescope exam and would like SSTS to scan the exams, please contact us.

  • We hosted a Gradescope Workshop in June and you can view the recording of it here.
  • There is also a general Gradescope walkthrough video here.
  • There are other helpful short videos on their Get Started page.
  • You can go to their Help Center for written documentation and FAQs.
  • There is helpful information for Bubble Sheet Assignments too.
  • Here are tips for scanning your own exams.

If you are interested in using Gradescope, please go to Choose Login and School Credentials > Western University Username. You will be redirected to a Western login page to login with your Western credentials.

Gradescope with OWL

If you want to have Gradescope added to your OWL site, you should create a ticket with the WTS Helpdesk.

Note: When using the bubble sheets in Gradescope, students should enter their email for the ID so it matches the classlist in OWL.