Teaching and Computing Rooms

Social Science Technology Services (SSTS) manages four public access computer rooms available to SSC Network account holders. These facilities are located in Rooms 1014, 1014B, 1020, and 6300 of the Social Science Centre. Room 1020 may be reserved for teaching and special events. Guest access to non-Social Science users for external bookings can be arranged when appropriate.

All rooms are equipped with Microsoft Windows computers, currently running Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. The computers are connected to the SSC Network and the Internet. Users of the computing rooms have access to the complete range of pre-installed software, and software offered via the SSC Network Menu.

These rooms are also equipped with security and surveillance hardware for the protection and safety of students. Please do not compromise the safety of others by opening the door to unauthorized users. (Student identification is required at all times.)

The hours of operation and terms of use vary from room to room. Some rooms may be unavailable due to hands-on instructional or use.

Note: Rooms are available by card access. The card reader is located outside of the entry doors to each room. If you are a valid SSC Network user, your Western One card should work with the card reader.

Out-of-faculty or conference groups should consult the Room Reservations Rates.

SSC Room 1020 - Undergraduate Computing and Seminar Room

SSTS Undergraduate Computing Room, SSC 1020
Undergraduate Computing for Faculty of Social Science Students


  • Reduced room capacity of six persons is in effect, until further notice
  • 13 high-speed Microsoft Windows computers with 19" LCD monitors, including instructor station and seminar-style table with six seats (totalling 19 seats)
  • One Document scanner
  • BW & Colour High quality HP laserjet printers controlled by PaperCut print release software. See our printing page for more information.
  • Microsoft Windows multimedia instructor station is connected to an overhead projector
  • High-resolution ceiling-mounted projector with embedded speakers
  • Projection screen
  • White board with erasable markers
  • Adjustable overhead lighting

Student Group Project Meeting Rooms 1014 and 1014B


SSC 1014


SSC 1014B

Rooms 1014 and 1014B are two schedulable, student meeting rooms for Faculty of Social Science course-related group project work.  Advance reservations only; no drop-ins.

Thank you to the Social Science Student Council for the funds provided to create these rooms for Social Science Students.

Specifications for 1014 and 1014B


  • Reduced room capacity of three persons is in effect until further notice
  • Eight seats and a table
  • One desktop computer station with network access and front USB port
  • 55" LCD screen
  • Whiteboards (use only whiteboard markers)
  • Wireless internet connections and AC power for laptop
  • HDMI cable provided to connect laptop

How to Make a Student Group Project Room Reservation

All reservations for Rooms 1014 and 1014B must be made through the on-line  Room Booking website which you can access using your Western username and password.  Passwords will only work if you have valid SSC Network access. 

Note:  Should you have difficulties using the on-line reservation form, please report the problem to ssts-help@uwo.ca.

SSC Room 6300 - Interdisciplinary Graduate Computing Lab

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Computing Lab in SSC 6300 is a 24 hours/7 days a week computing room available to any graduate student, faculty, or staff member with valid SSC Network privileges. The room is accessible using your Western One card in the card access reader located outside of the entry door.  Additionally, many departments provide computing rooms for their graduate students and staff. Check with individual department administrators for details.

SSC 6300 Graduate Computing Room
Interdisciplinary Graduate Computing Lab


  • Reduced room capacity of six persons is in effect until further notice
  • 17 high-speed Microsoft Windows computers with 24" high-resolution LCD monitors
  • High quality HP laser printer controlled by PaperCut print release software. See our printing page for more information.
  • Ceiling mounted video projector with HDMI input and electric motorized video screen