Student File Storage

All Graduate and Undergraduate Students

All Western Students have access to 1 TB of free storage on Microsoft OneDrive with their Microsoft Office 365 email.

Tip: Save your active essays and assignments to two locations. If you save everything to a Flash drive so you can take it to and from school, save an extra copy on OneDrive or your Social Science Personal Storage drive (H: for Graduate Students only) just in case you lose your Flash drive or it becomes corrupt.

Desktop and My Documents

If you are working in any of the student labs in the Faculty of Social Science (SSC 1014, 1014B, 1020, and 1038) including Departmental user labs, your Desktop and My Documents folders are redirected to your Social Science personal storage space. There is only very limited space for undergraduate students for these redirected folders. The redirection is for your protection so you don't lose anything. However, we highly recommend that you save your files specfically to your H: (Graduate students only) or OneDrive so you know where to find them when working in other locations. 

Graduate Students

SSTS provides our Graduate students with Social Science personal storage space.  When you log onto any computer on the SSC Network, Graduate students will have an H: drive. This essentially includes the computer rooms in the basement of the SSC (rooms 1014, 1014B, 1020, and 6300) and in various Social Science Departmental computer labs.


The H: drive is backed up by snapshot once an hour and that hourly backup is maintained for 24 hours. An additional daily backup is performed and held for 30 days.  Should you require an earlier version of a file restored to your Social Science personal storage drive, it should be requested as soon as possible using the online request form.

Connecting to H:

If you are working at another location on campus or you are working on your laptop using the Western Wireless, you can map your H: drive manually as follows:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Choose Tools > Map Network Drive …
  3. Choose H: or another available drive letter.
  4. For Folder enter \\ssc-venus.uwo.pri\sschome$\yourusername
  5. If you are using a computer where you are not currently logged on using your Western Identitly, check the box labelled Connect using different credentials. Log in as uwo\yourusername with your Western password.
  6. Click Finish.

Insert your own Western username for yourusername.

If you use a Mac:

  1. Choose Finder > Go > Connect to Server
  2. Graduates enter smb://ssc-venus.uwo.pri/sschome$/