SSCRemote Disconnects will be Timed Out

Posted June 5, 2015

Effective June 8, 2015, disconnected sessions on will be automatically terminated after 8 hours.

When you are finished with your session on, you should close your programs and log off by choosing Start > Log off. Many people use the option of clicking the X to close or disconnect your session. When you do this, your session remains available to you with all of your programs running so when you log in again, your session will be resumed. This should only be used if you plan to resume your session within the next eight hours. The preferred method is to log off.

We have had a large number of people disconnecting from their sessions and never resuming them so sessions are being held open for several days, using up memory. Consequently, we need to limit the length of time that a person can be disconnected from a session without resuming.  This will not limit your active session. You may be timed out of your session on which will disconnect you, but you will be able to login to and resume your session on SSCRemote. If this eight-hour disconnection limit presents a problem for your work, please contact SSTS.