Winter 2016 Volume 17, Issue 1

Migrating Student U: Drives

by Heather Stevens

With the addition of OneDrive, and the need to retire an aging server, graduate student U: drives will be migrated to H: on SSC-Venus. We are currently planning this migration for the end of February. More targeted information will be sent as the migration date approaches.

Roughly two-thirds of our graduate student population have dual roles associated with their usernames: a student role and a staff role. The other third have separate usernames representing each role. Since dual roles were introduced, we have granted an H: drive for the staff role in addition to the U: drive for the student role. We have decided to remove this confusion and move to only a single H: drive for all graduate students on the SSC-Venus central file storage.

This will mean that we will be migrating the data from graduate student U: drives into a subfolder on your existing H: drive. For graduate students who have two separate accounts, your graduate student U: drive will be migrated to SSC-Venus and become H:.

If you have a dual role, and you would like to take control of the migration of your own data, you are welcome to move your data from U: to H: in advance. If you would like to continue to keep your student role data separate from your staff role data, then we recommend that you use the generous amount of space granted to you on Microsoft OneDrive for your student role data.

We will be sending emails and posting information on our web site when details are finalized.