Upgrading to Windows 10

Posted June 6, 2017

It's time to upgrade your computer to Windows 10! All new Windows based computers that are being deployed in the building will have Windows 10. In addition, if we are upgrading your hard drive, or have to re-image your computer, it will be upgraded to Windows 10. However, you don't need to wait for a hardware upgrade. If you are interested in having your computer upgraded to Windows 10, please contact us at ssts-help@uwo.ca. Many of you are already using Windows 10 at home or on your laptops so it will be an easy change for you. For a brief introduction to Windows 10, see A Peek at Windows 10 from the Winter 2016 edition of the SSC Network Update.

Once we upgrade your computer, we will give you a personal introduction to get you started. We also recommend the brief Windows 10 YouTube tutorial shown below. The video refers to the Windows 10 Mail and Calendar program, however, the recommended email and calendar program for Western is Outlook.