IBM SPSS 25 Now Available

Posted April 17, 2018

IBM SPSS Statistics version 25 is available for installation from the SSC Network. We recommend that you install this version as soon as possible. Please see the note below for more information.

You can install SPSS via Add/Remove Programs as follows:

Windows 7

Start > All Programs > SSC Network > Add-Remove Programs > Install a program from the network

Windows 10

  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Double-click S:\Add-Remove Programs.
  • Choose Install a program from the network.

Select one of the following and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • IBM SPSS Statistics 25 32bit with FP 1
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 25 64bit with FP 1

The installation of the main package is fully automated and will install without any interaction. You will receive a notification that the installation is complete and then the installation of FixPack 1 will launch automatically. Follow the on screen prompts for this installation.

Concurrent Versions

When you install version 25, it will not overwrite older versions. Older versions will no longer be licensed so we recommend that you uninstall older versions manually.

What's new

You can see what's new in SPSS 25 on the IBM web site.

Note: We have a grace period for the licenses for version 24 but they will expire at midnight on May 31, 2018.