Network Notices

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2018/07/12SAS License Renewal 2018
2018/07/11Network Outage Sunday, July 15, 3-10 AM
2018/04/17IBM SPSS 25 Now Available
2018/01/19IBM SPSS 24 Fix Pack 1 Now Available
2018/01/19IBM SPSS and AMOS License Server Change
2017/06/06Upgrading to Windows 10
2017/02/15NVivo School License
2016/10/06Major Storage Infrastructure Upgrade
2016/08/08Discontinuing Undergraduate Student U Drives
2016/08/05SAS License Renewal 2016
2016/05/06Email Migration June 2nd
2016/05/06Office 365 Email Migration
2016/05/04IBM SPSS and AMOS 24 Now Available
2016/03/06Graduate Student U Drive Migration Completed
2015/12/09SSTS Closing
2015/11/23Service Disruption Nov 29 & Dec 6
2015/11/09SigmaPlot 13 Now Available
2015/09/14Windows 10
2015/08/31Student Printing Moves to PaperCut
2015/07/13Stata 14 Available
2015/06/26Matlab 2015A Site License Now Available
2015/06/05SSCRemote Disconnects will be Timed Out
2015/06/04SAS License Renewal 2015
2015/04/14IBM SPSS and AMOS 23 Now Available
2015/02/19MS Office 2013 Slowness Issues
2015/02/06We're Moving February 12th
2014/12/03SSCRemote Service Replacing SSCNET
2014/09/29Shellshock Vulnerability
2014/09/12SAS 9.4 64-bit Now Available
2014/08/19Matlab 2014A Site License Now Available
2014/07/15SAS License Renewal 2014
2014/05/13ITS Service Retiring
2014/04/25Student IT Assistants
2014/04/21SSC Network Transition to Windows 7
2014/04/15IBM SPSS and AMOS 22 Now Available
2014/04/10Heartbleed Vulnerability
2014/03/21Microsoft Office 2013 Now Available
2014/02/13Phone and Phishing Scams
2014/01/22Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 License
2013/12/19Matlab 2013b Now Available
2013/11/29Stata 13.1 Available
2013/11/13Qualtrics Research Suite
2013/05/15SAS License Renewal 2013
2013/05/01IBM SPSS and AMOS 21 Now Available
2013/03/04Matlab 2012b Now Available
2013/02/25Add Network Programs Change
2013/01/30Stata 12.1 Available
2013/01/23Chubb Card Access Doors
2012/11/12SigmaPlot 12 Now Available