January 1998
Volume 1, Issue 3

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VAX Timesharing and Pathworks Networking Phaseout 

UWO Centralized E-mail Services 

Markex Examination Scanning Service in SSCL 

Line Printing Service Ends April 30, 1998 

pcANYWHERE Node Service for Windows 95 

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SSC Network Update

VAX Timesharing and Pathworks Networking Phaseout

Douglas Link 

Beginning May 1, 1998, VAX timesharing and DOS, Windows 3.1 and Macintosh services using Digital Pathworks networking will cease to be a supported hardware and software service in the Faculty of Social Science.  Complete withdrawal of these services will not occur May 1; however, the VAX hardware maintenance contracts will lapse at that time.  Licenses for various VAX system and application software including SPSS and SAS also expires May 1 and will not be renewed. 
The wind-down of these services coincides with the Faculty’s migration to Windows 95 and Windows NT networking which began two years ago. SSCL will endeavor to keep the VAX based services operational only to the extent that they are required to assist with a smooth and final migration of remaining users and services off of the legacy environment. 

If you still use and rely on VAX timesharing or Pathworks, and have extenuating circumstances, we need to hear from you now.  For concerns or inquiries about the upcoming loss of VAX based statistical and application software, please contact Carl Kaufmann at ext. 5061.  For inquiries about hardware and connection issues related to Windows 95 or Windows NT, contact Steve Rumas at ext. 3599.  For inquiries about Windows 95 training issues, contact Peter Fewster at ext. 5069. In general, all users of VAX timesharing or Pathworks networking are encouraged to make their transition prior to April 30, 1998. 
The pcANYWHERE dial-in service, which provides access to the Pathworks Network will also be discontinued on May 1.  The telephone lines and modems used by this service will be re-assigned to the PPP dial-in service. Note that remote access to the Windows 95 Network is now available – see pcANYWHERE Node Service for Windows 95