October 2003
Volume 7, Issue 1

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Social Science Computing Laboratory

Faculty of Social Science
Room 1228, Social Science Centre
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2

E-mail: ssts@uwo.ca
Web: www.ssc.uwo.ca/ssnds
Phone: 519 661-2152

Managing Editor: Ramona Fudge
Layout: Mary Van de Ven

SSC Network Update

SSCL Under Construction for New Statistics Canada Centre

Doug Link/Steve Rumas

For the next several months, parts of SSCL will be under construction to accommodate a Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC). The RDC area is identified in the SSCL floor plan below. For a layout of the new RDC facility see the blue poster in SSCL’s machine room window, opposite our main office (Room 1008).

The purpose of the RDC is to provide access to Statistics Canada’s master survey files and will be accessible only to researchers with approved projects who have been sworn in under the Statistics Act as ‘deemed employees’. A feature article about the RDC will appear in the winter issue of the SSC Network Update.

Plans for new RDC facility