September 1997
Volume 1, Issue 2

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Instructional Computing Room Opens 

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Pathworks (DOS and Windows 3.1) Wind-down 

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SSC Network Upgraded to Fiber Optic Backbone 

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Social Science Computing Laboratory 
Faculty of Social Science 
Room 1228, Social Science Centre 
The University of Western Ontario 
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2  

Phone: 519 661-2152  
Managing Editor: Les Flodrowski 


SSC Network Update

Instructional Computing Room Opens

Douglas Link 

Renovations to Room 1032, the largest undergraduate drop-in computing room, are now complete.  Along with getting a major face-lift, Room 1032 has been converted into a 52-station instructional lab equipped with Pentium computers, a ceiling-mounted high-resolution projector, and audio/visual aids to facilitate hands-on computer-based instruction and learning. 
Other teaching facilities in SSCL include Room 1014, the other hands-on instructional room with 18 workstations, and Room 1000 which is a seminar teaching room with a seating capacity of 50 students.  All rooms are available to Social Science course instructors and may be booked in advance through the SSCL Main Office.  Note that instructional rooms cannot be “block booked” for an entire term because of the limited availability of specialized teaching facilities.  When booking Room 1032 or 1014 for hands-on instructional use, please reserve the room that most closely matches the class size.  When not reserved for teaching purposes, these rooms are open for drop-in use by students. 

Use the SSCL Services Calendar to obtain reservation times for all three teaching rooms.   The calendar is available via the Windows 95 Start menu (Start Þ SSC Network Þ Assistance and Information).