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Microsoft Campus Agreement

The University of Western Ontario has enrolled in the Microsoft Campus Agreement which grants qualifying faculty and staff members access to a certain Microsoft products for their academic and research use. The Faculty of Social Science previously had their own Microsoft Campus License Agreement and that agreement has been absorbed into the campus wide agreement. There are some changes with the move to a campus wide agreement. Please see the details below. The agreement allows licensed software products to be installed on:

Qualifying Members

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a subscription that is administered by ITS and renewed by July 1st each year. Currently, all part-time and full-time Western faculty, staff and graduate students are enrolled in the Agreement. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, will also have access to Microsoft Office through the Student Office365 email initiative which is currently in a pilot phase.

Licensed Software Products

Qualifying members are granted the right to run copies of the following software products:

Software Distribution

Licensed software is distributed in accordance to the terms of the agreement. These terms vary depending on whether the software is used on- or off-campus.

On-Campus Use

Software included under the Agreement is distributed to qualifying members using one of the following methods:

  1. Users with desktop computers connected to the SSC Network can install software directly from the SSC Network via the Programs and Features control in Windows Control Panel. Select Install a program from the network to view a list of available software. 
  2. In the case of computers which do not log on to the SSC Network (such as laptops, some computer labs and some desktop computers), software must be installed by Social Science Technology Services (SSTS) personnel or departmental IT staff. These computers must either be connected to the network (not wireless or public wireless) or check in periodically using Western ROAMs for the Microsoft license to remain active.

Home Use

Work at Home software is available via the MyOffice page. This is the same login used to access your Office 365 email on the web. After you login, choose either Install Office 2016 or Other installs. This program includes the Office products and allows for installation on up to five devices.

Questions regarding the Campus Agreement and how to obtain software can be directed to SSTS (