September 1998
Volume 2, Issue 1

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New Teaching Rooms Opened

VAX Wind-down Schedule

Statistical Software Examples on the Web

Data Resources Library - Update


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Year 2000 and the SSC Network

Social Science Computing Laboratory
Faculty of Social Science
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The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2

Phone: 519 661-2152 
Managing Editor: Les Flodrowski


SSC Network Update

New Teaching Rooms Opened

Douglas Link

SSCL is pleased to announce the availability of two new teaching facilities. SSC 1000 has been renovated to provide a modern, hands-on teaching room with 24 Pentium workstations and a ceiling-mounted projection system connected to the instructor’s station.  Our seminar-style teaching room has moved to SSC 1038. It features a conference room setting, seating for 18, and a single instructor’s workstation attached to a desktop projector. SSC 1032, renovated last year, remains our largest teaching room with 52 stations. 

Social Science instructors may reserve any of these rooms through the SSCL Main Office. To avoid conflicts with other requests, reservations for the same time and day over consecutive weeks are not permitted. You may, however, repeat your bookings by submitting them on a weekly basis.