April 1997
Volume 1, Issue 1

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Undergraduate Computing Moves to Windows 95 

Changes to SSC Dial-in Services 

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SSC Network Update

Undergraduate Computing Moves to Windows 95

The migration to Windows 95 in the undergraduate computing labs is in full swing and on schedule for May 1, 1997. Moving away from the present DOS- and VAX-based technology will provide our Faculty with state-of-the-art networked computing services. Since undergraduate computing will be based entirely on the Windows 95 operating system, the move will affect students and professors alike. 

Instructors will be faced with some re-learning especially if they have been using DOS, Windows 3.1 and VAX applications (via SSCLBATCH) for teaching purposes. To assist with the transition, SSCL is offering several courses beginning in May. These introductory courses are intended for faculty and staff who are new to Windows 95 and would like hands-on training. Please see the Course Calendar for more nformation. 

This article discusses some common questions pertinent to Windows 95 on the SSC Network and its effect on users. 

What Changes Will I See With Windows 95? 
One of he biggest changes is in application support. Where possible, all applications offered on the Network for Windows 95 will be the latest 32-bit versions. (The complete list of supported software is provided below.) For example, SPSS for Windows 7.0 replaces SPSS/PC+, SPSS 6.1, and VAX SPSS. Corel WordPerfect 7.0 replaces WordPerfect versions 5.1 and 6.1. Some applications have been superceded or are not offered - SPSS, Corel Presentations and Power Point all provide graphing capabilities thereby superceding Harvard Graphics. DOS and Windows 3.1 programs that were used infrequently in the Pathworks environment are not being moved to Windows 95. 
If Upgrade to Windows 95 In My Office, Can I Still Use Pathworks? 
Faculty and administrative staff can have the networked PCs in their offices configured with a dual-boot capability. Dual-boot allows you to select either Pathworks (DOS and Windows 3.1) or Windows 95 on startup. In this way you can migrate to Windows 95 at your own pace and benefit from having access to applications supported in both networked computing environments. 

Applications for Windows 95 upgrades and accounts are available from the SSCL Main Office, SSC Room 1228. 

What Advantages Does Using Windows 95 on the Network Provide? 
Windows 95 is a robust, multi-tasking operating system with powerful built-in networking capabilities. These features offer users several advantages. 

Firstly, the operating system is loaded on your hard drive cutting down dramatically on Network traffic, increasing response time and performance. Secondly, you have full control over Windows 95 and can install your own software, printer drivers and accessories. You also have access to commercial software licensed for use over the Network. Windows 95 built-in peer-to-peer networking allows sharing of printers, CD-ROM and disk drives, and files with other Network users in a secure manner. For example, you could share your locally attached laser printer with other administrative users in your department. Lastly, because Windows 95 is the norm for IBM compatible desktops today, new computers have Windows 95 pre-installed and all software developers are deploying 32-bit software that is only compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT. 

What Windows 95 Software is Available on the Network? 

Application Suites: 
Corel WordPerfect Suite 7: WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations; 
Microsoft Office 97: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word. 

Assistance and Information: 
Computer Based Tutorials: Hardware & Software Beyond Basics, Teaching & Learning on the Internet, Windows 95 Tour; Support Resources; Finding People; SSCL Services Calendar. 

CD-ROM Databases: 
CANSIM, Econlit, IFS, Popline, Psyclit, Sociofile. 

Corporate Services: 
LAN Encore 

Data and Libraries: 
DataLib Instructional Data Library, Internet Data Library System (IDLS), UWO Library System Network. 

Internet Tools: 
Telnet, Finger, Netscape, Pine, Ping, Whois, WinBiff, WinZip, WS_FTP. 

Gauss, Minitab, SAS, SPSS, Stata, TSP. 

Virus Protection: 
Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit. 

Miscellaneous Accessories: 
Marks Management System, Private Files Encryption, Sigma Plot 3D Graphing, Walcal Calendar.