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Western Social Science   Fall 2016
Volume 17, Issue 2
Hard Drive Fail

Can You Afford to Lose Your Data?

Sooner or later you are going to lose your data. Data disaster can happen due to accidental file deletion, virus infections, ransomware hijackings, hard drive failure, theft, and more. It is extremely easy to lose data, yet, all but impossible to rebuild that data without a backup.

Protect your work by performing regular backups of your data.  More...

Personal Network Storage on H:

Faculty, staff and graduate students, of the Faculty of Social Science, each have 5 GB of personal network storage space that most people see as their H: drive. It can also be accessed from Macs and laptops. Hourly snapshots of this space are retained for 24 hours and daily backups are retained for 30 days. The backup frequency of this space makes your H: drive the ideal location to save files that you are actively working on; or files that you use regularly, such as your grade files.  More...
  Hard Drives 

Getting to Know Your Hard Drives

Over the past few years, a new kind of hard drive has been "turning heads". Unlike a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), with its spinning magnetic platters and mechanical heads, a typical solid state drive (SSD) works more like a basic USB memory stick. SSD popularity is increasing over the traditional HDD because they are significantly faster, physically smaller and becoming just as reliable. More...
  Hard Drives

NEW! NVivo School License

The Faculty of Social Science, in conjunction with Western Libraries, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Ivey School of Business, has entered into a campus agreement for NVivo 11. More...
  QSR NVivo

Getting a New Computer?

If you are planning on purchasing a new desktop or laptop computer, please contact SSTS first. We will help you obtain quotes from our UWO Preferred Vendors for your specific needs, then assist you with processing the order.  

Windows 10

We are now deploying Windows 10 on all new systems. If you missed our last newsletter, you can read A Peek at Windows 10 to learn about its features and to set up your privacy settings.

Data Security

Western has an Information Security website at If you have confidential or sensitive data that you carry on a laptop or USB drive, you should visit the site to learn more about data encryption.