Remote Access

Social Science users can access the SSC Network remotely either using their own office computer or by using our remote access servers. Both of these options require Western ROAMs.

SSCRemote Remote Access Service

Social Science users can access SSC Network software and services from any Internet location using our remote access service. Some typical uses include:

  • using software such as SPSS, Stata, Matlab, ScanExam, MMS, etc.
  • accessing the SSC Network from your laptop using the UWO wireless network
  • accessing Windows based software from your Mac

To find out more about the Remote Access Service and apply for access, refer to the Help Note SSCRemote Remote Access Service.

Remote Access to your Office Computer

Social Science faculty and staff can connect to their office computer from a remote location. This service is similar to the remote access service but lets you use the software, printers, and files located on your own office PC. The Remote Desktop Connection is a standard feature of Windows and provides a secure connection that only the owner of the machine has access to. The remote computer, located in your home can be running any version of Windows or Mac OS to use this service.

Please refer to the Help Note Remote Access to Your Office Computer to find out how you can configure and use this service.

Western ROAMs

Western uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure access to network resources from off-campus such as Remote Desktop Connection and network drive mapping. This service is called Western Remote Office Access Management system or Western ROAMs. Users must log into Western ROAMs first before running the Remote Desktop Connection or mapping a network drive.

Please refer to the Help Note Using Western ROAMs.