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Network Notices - Pre 2013

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Newer Notices (Post 2013)


2013/01/23Chubb Card Access Doors
2013/01/17Java Vulnerability
2012/11/12SigmaPlot 12 Available
2012/10/02Moving Faculty and Staff H: and Shared Drives
2012/06/05Moving User Library Drive (userlib)
2012/06/05Moving Student H: Drives to U: COMPLETE
2012/05/23Dropbox Users Important Notice
2012/05/18Adobe Acrobat 10 Professional
2011/08/29Wireless 802.11N Switchover
2011/08/22Changes may affect Desktop Files/Icons
2011/03/04FTP on SSC Web Site has Retired
2010/12/23Microsoft Expression Web 4
2010/07/15Save Personal Files from SSCNET
2010/06/25Maple 14 (32 & 64 bit)
2010/06/01Roaming Profiles will be Discontinued
2010/04/29SSC Network Migration to UWO
2010/03/30Terminal Server Migration
2009/09/25SSC Computer Room Changes
2009/03/27Autorun Disabled on SSC Network
2009/02/06Virus Alert - Antivirus 2009
2008/09/03Marks Management System version 3.2.7
2008/09/03Scan Exam II version 1.2.5
2008/06/19Microsoft Office 2007 SP1
2007/08/15MS Office 2007 Save as PDF or XPS Add-in
2007/05/24MS Office 2007 Available
2006/10/05EQS 6.1